Papercutting with Two by Two Creators

Collaboration is a wonderful thing.  Sharing ideas and with other minds can make you change your perspective and see things from a different viewpoint.  It can provide support and also bring a new spark of excitement to your work.

A very dear friend has embarked on a new venture –  Two by Two Creatives. They aim to cultivate the art of making together, sharing and exchanging their skills and knowledge for creative awakening.

I am a very happy and willing guinea pig/participant and have loved taking part in many of their new online workshops.  I have been amazed at the joy of making paper flowers, hearts and birds has brought. But it’s more, so much more than that.

I’ve explored the power of words through calligraphy, the sensuality of scent through carefully chosen readings and been taken on visual journeys learning about the ideas behind images of the Snow Queen, the iconic image of the heart and the love letters of Frida Kahlo.

Two by Two are a new venture and have big plans for the future.  Residential workshops will eventually be held in northern Italy but in the meantime join in on line and find out what it’s all about.

Two by Two Creators

Upcoming workshops

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