Much of my imagery focuses on our resident and migrant birds, those we see in and around our homes and gardens. Having lived in London, Birmingham and now the outskirts of York I have always been surprised at the variety of wildlife in our built up environments. Birds calling territorially amongst the beeps and whirrs of city life, chattering magpies bringing an urban park to life, seemingly oblivious to the constant ebb and flow of nearby traffic.

Many of my paintings aim to capture the beauty and surprise of the natural world in and around our cities.  Habitats such as gardens and parks are evident but there are also suggestions of weathered concrete, graffitied walls, street markings and silhouettes of park railings.

You will also find a few unusual birds in this section.  Exotic waxwings that travel in  gregarious flocks searching for berries in the bushes and trees in shopping centre car parks. Peregrines are well known to nest on high buildings of city centres from where they can prey on unsuspecting pigeons. There’s even an image of a goshawk created after a visit to Berlin where they have made the city centre parks their territory.