These images are as much about the habitat as the birds themselves. There’s so much to be inspired by!  Open fields, brackened edges and hedgerows or the silhouettes of high branches all offer wonderful inspiration for compositions. I find visual connections between the birds and their environment provides an endless source of shapes, colours and textures.

Forests and fields provide food and shelter for a large range of birds. Some of the birds you will find here such as Long Tailed Tits and Blackbirds also enjoy our parks and gardens and we can get to see them quite well.  Others such as the Goshawk are more elusive and take time to find and get to know.  Some are with us all year round, some visit seasonally and others are passing through. In this section you will also find images of birds such as Lapwing and Golden Plover that move inland from the coast to nest in open land such as fields and moors.

Barn Owl in horse chestnut
Golden Plover
Long tailed tit