Ponds and lakes, streams and rivers and our wonderfully diverse coast line are all inhabited by a range of water birds.  They can be boldly marked such as Avocet Lapwing and Oystercatchers or colourful such as kingfishers. When making stencils this is a real treat!  I find strong markings and bold colours make for striking stencils.

The play of light and reflections is a wonderful challenge for an artist. The refraction of strong shapes as the birds are reflected in the water or in shiny muddy flats is a wonderful sight.  As with many things in nature the best moments are fleeting – the dazzling reflections when the sun comes out from behind a cloud, the formation of a flock of waders as they are startled from the edge of the tide and take to the air only to land a few minutes later – all enhanced and made magical by the ever changing sky.

Golden Plover