Nature Hack

In recent years, there has been a proliferation of new technologies and techniques in the fields of ecological surveillance and monitoring. Many have been used in pilot studies or as proof of concept in conservation projects. It was huge pleasure and a great challenge to work with NEYDEC who are pioneering the way these new technologies can be accessed, understood and used in innovative ways by professional and amateur naturalists alike.

NATURE HACK is a project that seeks to create an interface between the expertise and wealth of data collected by naturalists and ecologists and the new technologies that further our understanding of the natural world.

In developing an identity for NATURE HACK it was important to reflect the harmony between nature and technology. The challenge was to find imagery that reflected both the scientific and the natural world and to explore ways in which that juxtaposition could work seamlessly together to form a coherent logo.

NATURE HACK group.jpg

Steve Race Wildlife phototpgraphy FINAL logo 1.jpg

Steve Race Wildlife Photography

Steve is an award-winning professional wildlife photographer based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. He is lucky enough to live near the impressive colony of gannets at Bempton Cliffs and is well known for his photography of these magnificent birds. His stunning photograph “True Love” earned him Highly Commended in the 2015 British Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards and has become the image most associated with his work. He was keen to have this memorable image used in the creation of his personal identity, so I had to make sure that I did it justice as a logo!

Zeiss Yorkshire Terriers

In February 2018 four intrepid conservationist birders from Yorkshire made their way to Eilat to take part in Champions of the Flyway international bird race. In the months prior to their departure they made it their mission to raise a great deal of money to stop the illegal killing of migrating birds. They did this with tenacious terrier spirit and a non-stop social media campaign for which they needed a strong visual presence. Mark Pearson, Richard Baines, Darren Woodhead and Jono Leadley already had strong identities in the wildlife conservation world – all that remained for me to do was to capture that in visual form. So here’s the team leaping their way into Flyway history with characteristic passion and enthusiasm! And best of all they left Eilat with the Guardians of the Flyway trophy having raised more than £20,000 for the project.

ZYT logo FINAL Logo II.jpg

BIRDING THE ISLANDS website banner with type 1399 x 768 pixels.jpg

Birding the Islands

This specialist birding tour company is run by Bajan-born Ryan Chenery. He required a visual identity for his company that captured the joy of birding in the Caribbean and the spirit of the place itself. After much deliberation we decided that the Red-billed Tropicbird was not only a charismatic emblem of the Caribbean but a beautiful, fluid image to work with. The blues and greens of those island waves, the clear blue skies and the crisp white form of the bird capture the essence the holidays he has on offer.


BIRDING THE ISLANDS logo for web 21cm x 21cm.jpg

NY turtle dove project logo.jpg

North Yorkshire Turtle Dove Project

Turtle Doves are in trouble. Once a fairly common bird it is now thought that there may be fewer than 100 birds nesting in the whole of Yorkshire. This project based in North Yorkshire aims to raise awareness of the plight of these beautiful birds and to improve, develop and protect the habitat they thrive in. The project needed an eye-catching logo that depicted the bird itself but gave the project a recognizable identity in amongst many other conservation projects. What a beautiful bird to work with.